Special Announcement

  As we know, this month marks a very special year in the life of CFC. October 27th will be the 10th anniversary of our assembly. Over the last ten years, the Lord has done some really amazing things. He has supplied the church with elders, with Bible teachers, with deacons, with music leaders, with choir members, with church members. He has allowed us to walk together during times of joy with the addition of babies to families, and He has used us to comfort one another when families have had to say goodbye to loved ones. We have had the opportunity to pray with and for each other.

    The Lord has truly been faithful to this congregation. There were times over the last ten years that we weren’t sure what was going on, or what our next step should be, but we trusted the Lord to see us through, and to guide us to His path that is always straight according to Proverbs3:6

    With all of this in mind I want to specifically turn your attention to the Fall of 2014. You will remember that the Board of Education had given us the opportunity to use the gym of Maxwell Elementary to meet on Sunday mornings. However, after a decision was made by the Board of Education to stop allowing the rental of their property to organizations, CFC found itself without a place to gather. However, the Lord opened the door for us to begin meeting in the very building that we are in today. 220 Black Street became the home of CFC. It was what we needed and it has served our needs well.

    However, recently the owner let us know that he had someone interested in purchasing the property. After looking over the property an offer was made. The owner gave us the figure and stated he would rather sell it to us, but that figure was firm. After thinking over this for a few days, I spoke with Brother Lance, and we both agreed that this figure was more than we were willing to pay. As a result of this decision, the owner has given us until the end of November to vacate the property.

    Now, at this point your minds are swirling; I get it! You have been blindsided, I understand. Some of us have had about a week to absorb the shock; you haven’t. However church, I began this announcement by saying and reminding us all of how faithful the Lord has been to us! Do we think He will stop now? Remember the sermons preached recently? Our circumstances do not dictate our joy! We rejoice in the Lord!

    So… What next? Brother Lance and I are in agreement that we should begin looking for property to purchase, and to construct a building on. In 60 days? Perhaps… if not, we are also looking for another place to rent until that goal is achieved. What about all of the things in the building? We will possibly have to rent storage for it. Could things be really different in the future? Absolutely! But you all have a responsibility in this.

    1. Help locate property.

2. Help locate rental property.

    3. Pray!

The deacons will have an integral role in all of this, and Brother Lance and I will be leaning hard on them to lead this process. Look to them for guidance.

    Two last things… and it’s what I want you to take out in your thoughts today…

    1. Don’t give the enemy a foothold in this process. He would love to make problems right now!

    2. Remember… Romans 8:28 “And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose.”